The Spectacular Sleepover Company

Premium sleepover party tent hire

Premium sleepover party tent hire

Premium sleepover party tent hirePremium sleepover party tent hire


Breakfast Box


Our Wakey Wakey! Breakfast Box  is sure to be a hit in the morning. Your guests can have breakfast without even having to leave their tents!

Choose 5 items from the following choices*:

  • pain au chocolat
  • choc chip brioche
  • plain brioche
  • blueberry muffin
  • sugar waffle
  • banana
  • apple
  • tangerine
  • apple juice
  • orange juice

Napkin & freshen-up wipe included.

£4 per box

*All guests to receive the same choices.

Movie Night Snack Tray


Our Movie Munchies! Snack Tray  will keep your guests happy whilst they watch their favourite movie.


  • Popcorn
  • Pick and mix sweet selection
  • Bottle of flavoured water
  • Crisps

£5 per tray

Milk & Cookies


Settle your guests down ready for sleep with our Night Night! Milk & Cookies. 

Your guests will enjoy their own  bottle of semi-skimmed milk and a luxury choc-chip cookie. 

(Bottles and crates returnable)

£2 per guest

Activity Packs

Spa pack


 Your guests can pamper themselves with our Looking Lovely! Spa Bag  which includes:

  • 2 mini bottles of nail polish
  • Emery board
  • 3 sheets nail stickers
  • 2 nail polish removal wipes
  • Face mask
  • Shower cap
  • Face cloth
  • Moisturising foot pack
  • Toe separators

£7 per bag

Secret Agents pack


Your budding secret agents can hone their skills with our Top Secret! Activity Pack  which includes:

  • Rear view spy glasses
  • Secret message UV pen
  • Mini notebook
  • 'Top Secret' pencil
  • Activity Sheet
  • Magnifying glass
  • 2 fake moustaches

£7 per box