The Spectacular Sleepover Company

Premium sleepover party tent hire

Our Story


My name is Lisa and I'm the creator of The Spectacular Sleepover Company which I run with the help of my lovely family.

I am mum to two boys and step-mum to four boys and, having been a primary school teacher for eighteen years, I understand a little about what makes children tick!

My own children have always loved making dens and having sleepovers and so when I saw the opportunity to bring the two together in the form of The Spectacular Sleepover Company, I jumped at the chance.

I am passionate about giving children memorable experiences and making childhood as magical as possible and I believe The Spectacular Sleepover Company helps parents do just that.

My attention to detail and desire for perfection (or slightly OCD tendencies as my husband might say!) means that I am dedicated to making every Spectacular Sleepover the most perfect experience possible.

I love meeting new people and helping others and I look forward to meeting you!

Lisa x